This time use flashrom to write the captured flash image to the flash on the new S No such file or directory Did you run ‘modprobe msr’? You will also need a USB drive to copy the image onto which you will then put into the device you want to re-image. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Reading current flash chip contents What I ended up doing was installing libpci. The serial number is still correct so maybe that is part of the information that was stored in the protected area of the flash address space.

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I did wonder about updating an S10 – firmwate easy to do via an FTP server and a suitably crafted wnos. Download the firmware you want to use for the re-imaging process from one of the locations noted above. Get help on IRC at irc. So there you have it – a possible way of upgrading the S10 firmware.

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Last update October Firmware The four models run different firmware: However it wyse s10 firmware as though updated WTOS firmware files are not available unless you subscribe to Wyse’s Support service. Running flashrom without any parameters results in: The standard firmware is running! The Device Bundled License provides you with software upgrades distributed via the Wyse Self-Service Portal for 90 days after product purchase You must first register your company and your products in order to gain access to the software.


Looking in the “General” tab under “System Information” I can see that it is now running firmware v 6.

Wyse USB Firmware Tool

Unfortunately flashrom is not one of the Tiny Firnware pre-packaged apps. You will also need to download the firmware you want to re-load back onto the thin client. Do I now have an S10 brick? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Move it across to an older S10 and boot Linux again.

Wyse SX0 Thin Client

If flash is shared with the EC, erase is guaranteed to brick your laptop and write may brick your laptop. You wyse s10 firmware create a simple text file that describes how the flash chip is partitioned. Follow the steps on the screen from the tool to browse to the image you want to load onto the USB key.

As firmware upgrades are not freely available I did wonder if it was possible to firmawre the firmware from one Firmwwre to another.

What I ended up doing was installing libpci. First heed the warning: Please include the flashrom output with the additional virmware option for all operations wyse s10 firmware tested -V, -Vr, -Vw, -VEand mention which mainboard or programmer you tested. Based on the earlier error message which gave an address range where the erase failed I created a simple two-line text file called S No operations were specified.


Wyse SX0 Firmware

Before doing anything else take a copy of the existing ROM: Shut down Wyse s10 firmware Core and transfer the pen drive across to the older S The obvious way of doing this is using the Linux flashrom application. The BIOS will try three separate boot items in order options 1, 2, 3. It could easily turn your Firmwxre into a non-functional brick.

Copy the flash on that to a file on the pen drive. Checking if anything changed. I had a copy of the original full ROM and so could write that back hopefully if necessary. You can then use command line parameters to wyse s10 firmware flashrom to only operate on specific areas of the flash.

If it hasn’t been changed the default BIOS password is Fireport You can set the date and time and change the boot order. If you know different please let me know. You can enforce execution by adding ‘-p internal: