Gadget on Mar 10, Version: Maybe someone else can help because I’ve had enough. Review by avdw on Sep 23, Version: Rating Rating from How to apply color correction using the Gradie I just select a file and it’s right there in the output when previewing. Don’t know if it’s ok or not, but I’ll try it.

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Great realtime vsfilter.vdf plugin which works perfectly with. It may not contain the latest versions. Without that, I had to put a manual delay. I don’t use VDub for this sort of thing, but I just tested and the subs appeared in the output panel. In addition to the textsub.

VirtualDub filters

All times are GMT vsfilter.vdf plugin Got the latest vsfilter. Leave empty to search for all tools. Here, unzip these subs and see if they work for you. But still no subtitles are shown in the output. I used the old vobsub. When I click preview vsfilter.vdf plugin play output in Virtualdubthe subtitles are only shown if they’re text ones TextSubnot image ones VobSub.


Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. If they’re no good VDub sure as heck won’t use them.

How to install VobSub in x64 Windows ? – Doom9’s Forum

The time now is Rating Rating from I have no problems with TextSub. Last edited by l-w-c; 27th Jan at Please read my last paragraph.

So now the only issue is why didn’t the reset work in the old VobSub? Therefore this low score. I just select a file and it’s right there in the output when previewing.

Do this with the DVD on the hard drive: It works on bit and bit Windows. How to record anything on your screen using th They got placed there when I installed VobSub.


This is an ancient and well-known tool with many vsfilter.vdf plugin and some resulting incompatibilities; a situation where users cannot discern what has changed is frustrating. Alright, I vsfilter.vdf plugin some follow up. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid The other one, the one highlighted in my earlier picture, does open VobSub Configure and it can be configured. I don’t know how I got the VobSubs because they’re vsfilter.vff I keep around for testing.


I had to use hearing too. I was just confirming that what you plygin should have worked. If these work and yours don’t, then there’s probably something wrong with yours: By Christophe Lambert in forum Subtitle.