Number of clamping screws; E. Die index number, or 4. The marking shall be by at least one of the following means: On the tool or on the carrying case provided for its permanent storage if: Tests on a connector may be conducted using 1 hardware other than mentioned, 2 dished or other washers having different characteristics, or 3 part securement torque values if the manufacturer’s installation instructions — see paragraph

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Ul 486a standard the tool or on the carrying case provided for its permanent storage if: See also paragraphs 7.

If more than one conductor is secured by a single clamping means, additional sample sets may be necessary. During application of the tightening torque, the connector assembly is to be free to turn stabdard its mounting means except as restricted by the construction of the connector or the specified mounting means. Breakage or tearing of the insulation of an insulated connector is stndard in the pullout test.

Examples of clamping means are 1 direct-bearing screws with or without 486aa of a pressure plate, 2 a pressure plate or plates and a screw or screws, 3 ul 486a standard of the. The thermal barrier is to extend at least 6 inches in a vertical direction and 1 inch For a line of connectors consisting of four or less sizes, only the largest connector and the smallest connector need be tested.

UL 486A: Wire Connections and Soldering Lugs for Use With Copper Conductors

If a specified mounting means includes auxiliary anti-rotation means, such means is not to increase the thermal mass or heat- radiating capabilities of the assembly. Composition may be filled or unfilled.

Unit Container — The smallest container in which connectors are packaged. The strip length applies to all insulated connectors with which the tool is used.


For test assemblies employing an insulating backboard stanndard mentioned in the exception to paragraph 9,5, no bus bar section is to be mounted behind the test assembly. Similarity of crimp forces. The current need not be balanced if agreeable to those concerned.

Where considered appropriate, revision of requirements shall be proposed and adopted in conformance with the methods employed for development, revision, and implementation of this standard. A unit container of ten or fewer connectors may be marked with a reference to an identifying number on an information sheet as described in paragraph Shape of connector, shape of conductor opening, and shape of the conductor clamping screw; Ul 486a standard.

UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

Number of clamping screws; Ul 486a standard. In lieu of the markings in items 2 or 3or both, a connector that is for use only with conductors smaller than Standaed. For an uninsulated connector marked with a minimum conductor strip length, the static-heating-sequence tests are to be conducted with the conductors stripped to the minimum length. Only that portion of the outer insulating surface that covers live parts is to be stanxard with the outer electrode.

The samples are then to be allowed to cool to room temperature.

Full text of “UL A: Wire Connections and Soldering Lugs for Use With Copper Conductors”

The connector requires the use of a specific tool for its application, and b. These requirements are based upon sound engineering principles, research, records of tests and field experience, and an appreciation of the problems of manufacture, installation, and use derived from consultation with and information obtained from manufacturers, users, inspection authorities, and others having specialized experience. The marking may be on the unit container or on an information sheet packed in the unit container.


A Catalog of UL Standards for Safety with costs and ordering information is also available from this office. The opinions and findings of UL represent its professional judgment given with due consideration to the necessary limitations of practical operation and state of the art at the time the Standard is processed. The mounting means is not to be retightened during the testing program. Subsequent turning of the connector about its mounting means is to be avoided except as may occur ul 486a standard to test procedures such as those for the secureness test.

Crimping die geometry; D. For vertically mounted connectors, one bus bar is to be located 2 feet mm in front and one bus bar 2 feet in back of the sample set and control conductor; if several sample sets of connectors are included, bus bar sections are to be located 2 feet in front, 2 feet in back and 2 feet on each side of the test assembly.

If agreeable to those concerned, samples may be subjected to more than one test. The insulating cover is ul 486a standard be completely opened and closed 20 ul 486a standard. For an ampere-rated connector not intended for paralleling of conductors, the static-heating test is not to be conducted with the larger sizes of conductors that exceed the size conductor that corresponds to the ampere rating of the connector as specified in Table Individual tangs with a mounting hole in the end opposite the connector are to be used.

May be abbreviated “Sol.