I will keep as much as possible from the style that Freud wrote in. In my research I came across this exciting example from Goethe on a plate: Myself – Size of company: Yes, I would like to receive Harald Geisler’s occasional email newsletter. All documents shown are from the collection of the Museum. Learn more about accountability.

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To work near the Museum will enable me to look at the original Letters during the creation. Einstein Script was about researching how close I can recreate an original. Fonts are the software around sigmund freud typeface freeud design. The alternating mechanism works in certain applications i. Check out the FAQ. Learn more about accountability. Share this project Done.

Fontspring | Sigmund Freud Typeface Fonts by Harald Geisler

In my research I came across sigmund freud typeface exciting example from Most of the effort will go into siggmund the font from scratch and the extension with alternates and ligatures.

Yes, I would like to receive Harald Geisler’s occasional email newsletter. This is my 123… 4th typography project on Kickstarter. You will get the Sigmund Freud font, ready to use on your computer at home! Also I hope it will be inspiring to view the writing in the rooms where it was written.


The Design Process

Harald Geisler and R. Delicate white plate with handwritten blue calligraphy and triple gold trim on bavarian porcelain.

Every project is new and brings up unforeseeable risks and challenges both technically and artistically.

The design is available through my website: I have finished two handwriting fonts. The sixth file Kurrent renders German handwriting.

What is a Font?

Sigmund Freud Font Family

Maybe to write a letter to your shrink? Why four sigmudn not just one? The more funding I will be able to spend on this, the more beautiful the result will be.

The font is then programmed to exchange letters while you are typing. Two different ‘o’ have to be drawn and stored in sigmund freud typeface font’s memory.

Every language has letter combinations that occur more often than others. IN42 – Vienna, Hohe Warte 46 It made me smile to imagine a person writing his or her shrink a letter set in Freud’s handwriting. Freud writes a letter in German and quotes English; with the change in language he also switches from German script Kurrent to Latin script Cursive. Mar 9, – May 8, 60 days. When you write with your hand, every letter looks a little different.


Sigmund Freud Font Family –

I programed the font software to replace automatically certain letter combinations with alternates while typing. Vos Professor of German, Indiana University.

I have the opportunity to work at a friends apartment in Vienna. My aim is to create a readable font with the look of Freud’s handwriting.