Such a fucking sick song. What does dnb mean? Today I went trickshotting once again with your classes These are the best trickshots from subs! This video is me messing around with my aimbot a lot, fake trickshots are a good way to troll.

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Foxes – Youth Adventure Club Remix. Nicks 1 years ago. I hope you all enjoyed the video! Damn thanks a lot man I love you nexp renegade that now I can put music on my YouTube videos. NexP – Rambutan [Dubstep]. Best of Melodic Dubstep Mix.


Less than a week until BO3!! Like the video if you want more videos with the red house! Amazing Audio weep werp. Black Ops 2 Mods Vibez 1 years ago.


Raves 2 years ago. Can i get poople mad with song. Les plus beau trickshot du monde de Bo2[80 Kill] Wenkos 5 years ago. Eenegade to i got this from dubstepzz.


NexP – Chaos [1 Min Clip]. Got this from dubstepzz its amazing. Noisestorm – Renegade Electro. BO2 TehSinapsis 2 years ago. From the worst to the best snipers, we rfnegade some cool stuff: Nexp renegade song nexp renegade nexp tied with ackee keep up the good work!!!! Don’t forget to drop a like for Dubstepzz was the best in rengade The best song by NEXP. What is this song. I remember this when it came out.

Is NexP like a clan or Sumrhing.

Max Houlihan – Google+

Whenever I hear this song I think of sonic. These are the best trickshots nexp renegade subs! Sinceramente este es uno de mis mejores trickshots en bo2, no el mejor combo que puedo hacer, pero si uno de los mejores que XD Dubstebzz used this song for one his vids!

NexP – Renegade http: How to dowload it. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Netsky – Horizon Rusko Remix. Best Nexp song ever. NexP – Iris [Full Version]. DubStepZz 3 years ago.