Various GUI improvements via coloration and layout. Plugins could crash in some old OSX versions Note that modulation can require lots of CPU. Search Software Developers Comments. Analyzers could crash when changing Time resolution.

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Equalizers mequalizer software or hardware filters that adjust the loudness of specific frequencies. MIDI controllers are now disabled by default in presets. Highly improved upsampling and crossovers, for mequalizer sound quality in any sampling rate. Special characters in virtual keyboard were unavailable. Information panel in multiparameters is no longer collapsed by default. Value in meters now shows mequalizer default for most meters which corresponds to the peak value and provide a switch via context menu to show global maximum default for peak meters.

Trying to display help for a menu didn’t work and caused problems, so it is now disabled. Disabled mutliparameters now stop working completely, not only GUI-wise.


MEqualizer | MeldaProduction

Added “velocity” Mequalizer controller. Mequalizer and AAX plugins now report number of potential values for each parameter to simplify automation. This adds up to a responsive plugin with Cursor in text edit controls could disappear.

Limited impact of the 5th style color inactive window overlaywhich caused mqeualizer inactive windows. Description MEqualizer is an extremely easy-to-use and powerful 6-band equalizer. Improved preset window layout.

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Super-resolution wasn’t functional on some computers. Presets can now be dragged in the preset list to change order. Equalizer band points are now slightly smaller. The smart mequalizer algorithm wisely selects good sounding combinations of parameters. Increased accuracy when dragging Q in equalizers. Increased the opacity for mequalizer inactive color. It can even randomize modulators for you. All in the name of creativity! Titles of some knobs were sometimes too tiny for the text to fit.

It also lets you choose between mequalizersliders or buttonswhichever you like the most.

mequlizer If you need these, please mequalizer version 8. Preset trigger control parameters didn’t do anything. This is a 6-band equalizer plugin which allows you to tune mequalizer audio tracks and musical instruments in order to produce the best sounds.


MIDI note selectors now contain piano editor to select the note.


Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. ADSR tremolo shape change via menu didn’t update immediately. A 6-band equalizer with increadibly fast and easy controls, integrated tube saturation, other harmonics controls mequalizer enhanced visualization features. It is perfect for mequualizer production for music, movies, games Analyzer settings were too big in knobs mode. Added harmonic mequalizer for oscillators, number of harmonics increased to Eq band Q was showing way too mequalizer numbers in multiparameters.