Lustig’s is more up-to-date in that he incorporates new knowledge about our hormonal systems but both men come to a similar conclusion – we should avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugar consumption has tripled since World War II. He also began to collect antiquarian books, specialising in medicine, nutrition and the culinary arts; after his death much of his collection was given to the National Library of Israel , Jerusalem. Keys wrote, for example:. Chemistry, Medicine and Nutrition:

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Yudkin completed his medical studies inand was appointed Director of Medical Studies at Christ’s College.

He also continued to write popular articles in yukin magazines, having by now become a household name. Yudkin, professor emeritus of medicine at University College London, is Yudkin’s nephew. Yudkin’s book is interesting now from an historical perspective, and also because he fills in research around some medical conditions Lustig leaves out – but as I implied above, Lustig creates a very strong and persuasive central argument that ties sugar to the spiralling obesity and metabolic syndrome problems of North America and Europe.

Quotes from Pure, John yudkin pure white and deadly and D Advertising free food in exchange for participation in the experiment, they soon had slightly overweight people plying trolleys up ersatz aisles, making very real decisions about what they were going to eat that night.

The cause was a ground-breaking lecture called Sugar: Market research showed there was a puree deal of public enthusiasm for “healthy” products and low-fat foods would prove incredibly popular.

Do the kids of today know that package food is a fairly new invention? In Robert Lustiga pediatric endocrinologist of the University of California, San Francisco, with a special interest in childhood obesity, made a video, Sugar: Besides teaching me a bit about sugar and nutrition, it also taught me a bit about the influences of politics. Yudkin believed, based on research and observation, that it is sugar not fat which causes coronary artery disease.


While quite a difficult read, his message is clear and to the point. I read this book in when it first came out.

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar – Telegraph

Robert Lustig’s proclamation of being an apostle of Yudkin. Is fruit juice bad for you? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. John Yudkin presents an amazing case against the consumption of sugar and demonstrates quite convincingly that sugar, not fat and cholesterol, is at the root of the heart disease, obesity, and type II diabetes epidemic we are currently facing.

Pure, white and no longer quite so deadly | Global | The Guardian

The substance is so much part of our culture, that to be told buying children an ice cream may be tantamount to poisoning them, is most unwelcome. Yudkin relates what has he found based on experiments on a number of animals rats, rabbits, etche also found not only john yudkin pure white and deadly casual correlation on how the production of Sugar has on the human diseases, but also t This book may be is a little bit dated, but still has a great line: State registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, Lyndel Costain, for one, belives Carmen makes very interesting reading: Sugar is poison ultimately and needs to be controlled in the food we eat.

Sugar as dangerous as alcohol and tobacco, warn health experts. Now i have read it again and i recommend it to anyone who values their health. Pure, White and Deadly.


Pure, White, and Deadly

For Whom and By Whom? It’s interesting to see Yudkin come up with a lot of ideas deadky are now generally accepted but were ignored for decades.

Brought up-to-date by childhood obesity expert Dr. But Yudkin, who grew up in dire poverty in east London and went on to win a scholarship to Cambridge, was no killjoy.

View all 5 comments. It is likely that sucrose and other forms of sugar are highly correlated with many diseases, cancers and metabolic disorders. This book seems so out dated and I found it a real slog to read so I’m quitting on page But its director-general, Margaret Chan, has warned that, while it might be on the back foot at last, the sugar industry remains a formidable adversary, determined to safeguard its market position. Obesity rates in the UKare now 10 times what they were when it was first published and the amount of sugar we eat has increased Proceedings of the Nutrition Society.

But, amid this new craze, one voice stood out in opposition. I wonder if john yudkin pure white and deadly the Mad Men of the future, they’ll laugh and be shocked at how we smilingly pushed sweets into the hands of children we didn’t even hate.