Wanted to make sure y’all caught that the very brilliant, nay, legendary artist Nick Lowe, just debuted a new song as a web exclusive for. Sia was one of my very first tours several years ago now. How did you get them all? We were in Maine together, actually for several weeks, and we were staying in her parents’ house up in Maine, and the power went out one night. She opened for me three years ago now, I believe. So to have three cool stations in Austin is pretty lucky, and like I said, they throw a good party.

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We’re such a small spec in our galaxy alone. Bareilles complements and elevates them by injecting something that approximates honest emotion with her friendly style. It was recorded in a church, right?

Drinking Hanging Out In Greg laswell landline. Most of the ones we see are probably bigger. Some artists will write pretend songs like, “Oh yeah, here’s a heartbreak song. It’s pretty amazing how mankind has evolved. The one big promo thing with the album that I really wanted to do was take some of these songs to radio and to go for that. Cool, getting back to “Mean To Greg laswell landline I’ve stopped a lot of self-destructive behavior, and even physically, it shows up in my voice.

Being in pain, if you hang onto it long enough, turns into a sort of comforting thing.


‎Landline (Bonus Track Version) by Greg Laswell on Apple Music

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but at landlune for me as a producer, it kind of helped soften the entire song to have more than one person singing these lyrics. It’s starting to take off. So always having to use the landline and never really using my cell phone for that long kind of slowed me down, and I began to miss the good old days of where we all weren’t tethered to these things in our hands and it was nice.

I don’t think much about the afterlife. I’m not greg laswell landline going through a heartbreak, but here’s my best hand at it.

So we kind of do a bird’s eye view loop of the greg laswell landline country. I Might Drop By. You know, I don’t know why she’s not super famous already. LandlineGreg Laswell ‘s follow-up to the celebrated Take a Bowmay sound less tortured, but there’s plenty of pathos to go around. The band has also just announced a series of dates with Dispatch.

Landline – Greg Laswell | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

greg laswell landline I just started thinking about that. Most of the time, when I sing it, I’m feeling pretty grateful and I’m thinking about my wife most of the time. Tracks like “Nicely Played,” with its insistent percussive layers, and “I Might Drop By,” with its waltz tempo and blurred wash of instruments — save for a piano which is crystalline — have somewhat appealing hooks.

On “Come Back Down,” you feature Sara Bareilles, and as you said, you have a number of female artists singing with you. Send me another one. Alright, you mentioned it, what are your thought on UFOs?


I remember it was a summer festival on the beach in Australia and I was up in my room writing lyrics to “Full Circle. It’s kind of like, enough is enough, and trying to move on from something.

But, you have to have that negative stuff to appreciate the positive stuff. Let’s get to a couple of your greg laswell landline duets, like “Dragging You Around” with Sia. Well, it’s definitely inspired by two different situations I found myself in, and I think we’ve all kind of been there, where a friend falls in love with someone and that new someone doesn’t want him to have anything to do with all of the pre-existing friends that were in his life.

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So far, it’s been really thrilling to kind of watch everything unfold. For this first run, we start in Charleston, and then we kind of loop the whole country. So I ended up writing another verse with her specifically in mind and turned it into a full song.