Normally just marking the rows you want to keep together and then calling AutoPageBreaks should be enough for most cases. Classes related to rendering an Excel sheet so you can display it on the screen, print it or export it to other file formats. The call to AutoPageBreaks must be the last before saving your file, so the document is in its final state. You can find many online translators just by searching, but we will mention one of them here: Excel uses theme colors by default, which means that most spreadsheets you see around are using them, even if the people who created the files didn’t know what a “theme” color was. You can open each demo as a standalone project, but you can also use the included “Demo Browser” this is MainDemo. You can access any of these variants with the struct TExcelColor.

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FlexCel Installation Guide

Say you want to find out how to add an autofilter, create an empty file in FlexCel and add flexcel autofilter. If you downloaded the NuGet flexcel directly, then you need to put them in a private NuGet repository.

Note There is a bug in how Excel handles the year. InsertAndCopySheets to insert a sheet, to copy a sheet, or to insert and copy a sheet in the same operation.

In the LoadLinkedFile event you can load the needed files, checking that flexcel are not trying to access folders they shouldn’t be looking to. Blindly following flexel in an unknown xls file is not a smart idea. MoveRange to move a range, full rows or full columns flexcel one place to another.


To create new formats, you have to use the ExcelFile.

Getting Started with FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework

It is recommended that you use themes now in situations like flexcel. Whenever I searched for similar software, Flexcel ran across others that sucked, and the costs for them are outrageous. You need to use VCL. Once you get the Id of the new XF, you can use it as you wish.

FlexCel Installation Guide | FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework documentation

Flexcel is all shown in the examples flecxel documentation. They work well and we aren’t aware of bugs on its implementation. On a dot matrix printer? Here, the image in page flexcel is being flecxel in the middle by a page break, so part of it appears on page 1 and part on page 2. While most changes are under the hood, flexcel we made our best effort to keep the API unchanged, some little things did change and could bring issues when updating:. The same way we have an XF list where we store the formats for global use, there flexcel a Flexcel list were fonts are stored to be used by XFs.

You can specify the file format in a parameter to the “Save” method if needed; for example when saving to flwxcel. Of course the code above is not how you will set the intelligent page breaks in normal use.

FlexCel API Developer Guide | FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework documentation

Once you have FlexCel installed, you need to decide how to reference it. ExcelVersion back to You might be wondering why we spent so much time explaining an implementation detail flexcel how FlexCel maps your calls to KeepRowsTogether to tlexcel internal data model.


It flexcel far less expensive to to develop Excel functionality in. Just mark the block you want to keep together and know they will be kept together.

Nowand the cell 1,1 has date format, you will write the actual value of “now” to the sheet. If you already are fluent at Cjust skip this section. You can search for specific keywords at the top right of the main screen, to locate the demos that deal with specific features.

Basic Flexdel Before starting writing code, there are some basic concepts you should be familiar with. The fact that you removed a song from the Eagles group is no reason for it to become one big group with Pink Floyd.

Flexcel Via review on Visual Studio Gallery After looking carefully at all the Competitor products in detail and having worked with one competitor product extensively we decided to move to FlexCel – this was no small decision but we have been rewarded with the most powerful and complete flexcel. If the first call to KeepRowsTogether had marked rows 1 to 15 instead of 14, f,excel row 15 would also have a 1 there. You can open each demo as a flexcel project, but you can also use the included “Demo Browser” this is Flexcel.

It first tries to fit rows 1 to 15 the first Flexcel callthen 2 to 8 the third KeepRowsTogether call and then the others. DeleteRange flexcel delete ranges of cells, full rows or full columns.