Can we get this thing to try out? Alpha channel used automatically where supported by the source. Martin Sinclair October 22nd, , Check it out avtake. This product is ready providing your hardware is.

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I use firewire repeaters and get up to feet from computer with no problems using cat five however i could use most any analog to fw converter in the market. We want mix 2 or 3 cams crossfade manually or scheduled cuttfour possible and use the output to broadcast to ustream or mogulus.

Cutfour dv 3 software full download

Cutfour dv 3 have been using avtake cut 4 ver 3 and 4 for the last 8 months. Already said it in my e-mail, but I’d be interested in checking this out I am unsure how it would stack up for “professional” purposes, but I am interesting in find out what people here think Alpha channel used automatically where supported by the source.

Most of the code has been rewritten and optimised extensively. Martin Sinclair November 28th, Does your program have scheduling capability?


Hi, I have been working on some software for quite some time that takes a variety of inputs such as: It has similarities to the Sony Anycast system which was my original inspiration.

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Is the programming complete? Hi Martin, I’ve been looking into software to do multi-camera switching to disk of DV cameras connected over firewire.

Martin Sinclair November 29th, Ric Marrty January 28th, Each input supports the following: I’d really like some more info on your system! DV has a unusable 0. Check it out avtake. Your software sounds really promicing, and I would be interested to have a look at cutfour dv 3. Ric Marrty February 18th, I am trully interested in cutfour dv 3.

I downloaded the demo but i can only cutfoue the top portion of the interface the bottoms camera monitors are barely viewable. After testing it with a live production back in December there were a few issues that needed to be fixed before public beta testing could begin. But there lack of response to my emails makes me nerveous about buying it.

From what you said, it has the ability to playback video cutfoue Marwan Tzenios February 23rd, I did see that there site shows new fatures like slowmo and pip. Hello Martin, I need to use your software for a church in lebanon.


Cory Oswald November 12th, It is currently being used to queue up video clips at my church and cuttour been used to output a three camera live production in the cutfour dv 3. And you can simultaneously broadcast internet You can output to deck or screen.

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Some of them are nice but don’t have fullscreen output, and some didn’t worked. If anyone is interested in testing it out email me at mixer marty. Software Video Rv – Any interest?

This allows another computer screen to be set as a program input. Andrew Francis November 28th, ,