I prezzi si intendono IVA inclusa. Barry Rudolph is an L. Non possiamo garantirti il Miglior Prezzo se Or, use an LFO to modulate the reverb image, creating movement in the acoustic space. Back To Home Page. The Hall reverb worked well for very long reverbs; it’s smooth and luscious–the best of the four for its convincing spatial quality. Chiama l’esperto Dal Lun.

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You can associate up to 8 different CSR controls to a simple Macro slider, therefore making morphing between different reverb settings easier than ever. IK says an update will fix these issues. From the same family.

I prezzi si intendono IVA inclusa. Use of these classik studio reverb does not imply any cooperation or endorsement. In tali casi le spese di trasporto inerenti revebr l’invio che la restituzione saranno a carico del cliente. The Macro matrix is identical to Mod, and because the four Macro sliders and 29 other parameters of the plug-in are automatable, there is a lot of potential here.

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb

The Time section controls pre-delays and everything about classuk reverb’s length in the low and high frequencies. Concert halls are designed to enhance the sound produced into them, and so does IK Multimedia’s plug-in: Diritto di Recesso Gli acquisti sul nostro sito sono soggetti alla disciplina del D.


Visit his Classik studio reverb site at: Chiama l’esperto Dal Lun.

There are four modulation sources: Restano esclusi dal diritto di recesso anche gli acquisti effettuati da rivenditori o da soggetti che a qualsiasi titolo acquistano per la rivendita a terzi.

Universal Audio has classik studio reverb endorsed nor sponsored IK Multimedia’s products in any manner, classik studio reverb licensed any intellectual property for use in this product. Back Up To The Top. Vocals are a premium candidate for Hall reverb use, but pretty much all solo instruments which need to be put into a large hall space will gain a 3D quality from this type of reverb.

Puoi verificare sul sito di Consel S. With the look and feel of a typical effects rack on the interface, all the necessary controls are laid out for an immediate great sound. After a trouble-free install in both rigs, Classik Studio Reverb worked well in every mix I tried.

IK MULTIMEDIA CSR Classik Studio Reverb – | Strumenti Musicali .net

The Hall reverb worked well for very long reverbs; it’s smooth and luscious–the best of the four for its convincing spatial quality. The Reflections menu has controls for the early reflections.

Descrivicelo per aiutarci a migliorare.

The Plate reverb has an additional Echo submenu for feeding up to ms of echo delay into either the left or right reverb channels. This module is included in: Scrivi cosa ne pensi! All are designed to give the same sound of an acclaimed high-quality outboard reverb unit.


Non possiamo garantirti il Miglior Prezzo se The four plug-ins are Plate, Room, Hall and Classlk. Si precisa che nelle ipotesi di operazioni a premio le cd.

Tutti i pacchi classsik assicurati. In film sound effects, this might be classik studio reverb horrific scream or a huge explosion reverb.

IK MULTIMEDIA CSR Classik Studio Reverb

La concessione del finanziamento e il perfezionamento dell’ordine sono soggetti alla preventiva approvazione da parte di Consel SpA. Inverse used in tiny amounts can fatten snare drums and percussion, and certain vocals sounded better with a pinch of this very distinctive effect. Caratteristiche Suite of 4 separate rverb units: It’s a critical tool in a series of classik studio reverb, be it a pop or rock mix, or a classical clasaik which may need a touch of added ambience of the best quality and realism possible.

This is a solid collection of four reverbs that every music mixer, sound designer and film sound effects creator should own.