He never owned a car, and liked to go around Varanasi in a cycle rickshaw. Bismillah received rigorous training under him. Captivated by his music, King Zahir Shah gifted his priceless Persian carpets to the visiting maestro. And his shehnai will remain unsurpassed for a long time to come, like Mali’s flute and Rajarathnam’s nagaswaram. The concept of nada is intricately woven into the spiritual fabric of the Indian tradition.

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In the Heritage Hospital, Varanasi, where his end came, he had his shehnai by his bed. Certain instruments become indelibly linked with particular performers. Shahid Parvez, then a young talented sitarist, played a duet with Khan Saheb.

He led a simple and unostentatious life in the manner of a true Sufi. Raga Shuddh Kalyan – alap, gat in vilambit ektal, drut teental. Captivated by his music, King Zahir Bismiklah gifted his priceless Persian carpets to the visiting maestro. In addition to practicing diligently and rigorously, he also familiarized himself with the various forms of music of Uttar Pradesh as also, of course, the khayal.

Life of Bismillah Khan The legendary bismillah khan shehnai jugalbandi, who elevated the shehnai from wedding halls and temples to the centrestage of classical music, was born on 21st March at Bhirung Raut ki Gali in Dumraon, Bihar. Ali Baksh was attached to the Viswanath temple and did his riyaz at the Balaji temple. His father too was a court musician. Independence further extended the reach of his music.


Would you like to receive the missed editions? Try it now Learn more. The visit was memorable because, during that visit, the Sadasivams played host to the maestro and his party with a sumptuous breakfast at the Kalki Gardens. I will be back, next time, with more pure notes.

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He left behind five sons, three daughters, and a large number of grandchildren and kkhan grandchildren. He also composed several songs for that film. Born inhe has raised the status of one of India’s most distinctively voiced instruments unprecedentedly.

We noticed that you are renewing your subscription 1 month later than the renewal date. Bismillah Khan played the shehnai for Dr. He dhehnai the second son of Paigambar Khan and Bismillah khan shehnai jugalbandi Bibi.

Ustad Bismillah Khan

He never owned a car, and liked to go around Varanasi in a cycle rickshaw. Musicians Ustad Bismillah Khan The concept of nada is intricately woven into the shegnai fabric of bismillah khan shehnai jugalbandi Indian shehhai. Icons of Indian Classical Music: At birth he was christened Qamaruddin, to rhyme with his elder brother’s name, Shamsuddin.

The word shehnai became completely synonymous with the bismillah khan shehnai jugalbandi of Bismillah Khan. It was there that he established the transformation of the shehnaii from a folk instrument to a high class instrument of classical music.


With his extended family of sixty members, he lived in humble surroundings in the Sarai Harha locality of Benia Bagh in Banaras. He had the rare honour of being invited by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to play shehnai on the kban of the Red Fort on the eve of 15th August The best part of his personality was his”infectious hypnotic smile”. He was a pious Shia Muslim, doing namaaz five times a day, and a staunch devotee of Mother Saraswati, the goddess of learning and fine arts. Sankaran, TNR “worshipped Bismillah Khan and his shehnai” His end The genius who brought international fame to the shehnai breathed his last on 21st August this month four years ago.

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Embodiment of simplicity Bismillah was the personification of nobility and humility. Manmohan Singh at his residence.

Bismillah was the personification of nobility and humility. The multi-coloured stamp was printed by wet-offset process on un-watermarked, adhesive stamp paper at Security Printing Press, Hyderabad. Golden Raga Collection I.