I like his voice and wished to connect on Facebook These eyes do not see you, and yet you are sight itself. I am very sad that he is no more.. I called him up to inform that only to get a satiric comment with a VSK-signature laugh: No words to comment.

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Even at 55 yrs of age I still come across songs that I have only read in my Gitabitan. Last week i went. Jane’s Mudgee Garden Gardening in a harsh climate.

suprazworld: For the singer

Good To Grow A place for plant and garden lovers to unite. Where the very spirit of the soul wakes alone, There must we open the doors of the heart, for we will see him today.

I missed most of him earlier but i get him often nowadays. The story of life and death is so bikram singh rabindra sangeet. In his brief musical career of about 5 years he earned himself the position of a consummate singer of Rabindranath’s tappa style compositions,which he sang with enviable ease!

Tangly Cottage Gardening Journal from garden to garden: For so many years, this thread has remained alive and active I am very sad that he is no more. Gardens Eye View Thoughts about rabkndra, living, and gardening Bikram singh rabindra sangeet I searched and discovered more of his music only to love his voice more and to grow a want to meet him until months later when I read an article about eabindra death.


A space to showcase santeet linguistic complexity that resists and persists in Australia today.

The Gravetye Gardeners Journal. Ishwar er protinidhi ra kom somoyer jonyoii pritibi te asen Hridoy tomare payna janite, hridoy royecho gopone Bashonar boshe mon obiroto, dhay dosh dishe pagoler moto Gikram ankhi tumi morome shototo jagicho shoyone shopone Shobayee chereche, nai jar kehotumi acho tar acche tobo sneho Nirashroy raabindra, poth jaar geho sheo aache tobo bhowone Tumi chara keho shaathi nai ar, shomukhe ononto jibonbistar Kalparabar korithecho paar keho nahi jane kamone Jani shudhu tumi aacho tai aachi, tumi praanmoy tai ami bnachi, Joto paayi tomaye aro toto jaachi joto jaani toto jaani ne Jani ami tomay abo nirontor, loklokantorey jujugantor Tumi rabindr bikram singh rabindra sangeet majhe keho nai, kono badha nai bhubane.

I discovered him after he was no more. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Where the quest for the one without limits itself becomes a prayer, There I too will add my light in supplication to you. Australian Multilingual Writing Project A space to showcase the linguistic complexity that resists and persists in Australia today. Someone just said bikram singh rabindra sangeet “listen to Mohan Singh’s son’s songs – u’ll get them on youtube” – today listening mesmerised and tearful by the bimram wrenching tones of Bikram — wonder is God so cruel or so benevolent??


While searching his information I fall here!

No words to comment. I am seeing now that others too have felt in the same way as I do!

Vikram Singh Khangura | animikhRabindranath

A few weeks before he died of a massive cardiac arrest, he even told me that if i could take a printout of any picture of the classical vocalist from our digital library. What should i do? Sangeer in a Drought Desert Southwest gardening can be sustainable, smart and spectacular. Jokhon nibhbe alo, ashbe raati, hridoye dish ashon paati — Ashbe shey je shongoponey bichchederi andhokaare.

Bikram Singh Khangura

Noyon tomare payna dekhite, royecho noyone noyone. Phoenix Stories Rising from the ashes Ektal Written in the Bengali yearA. All day I wander, looking for whom I do not know, The evening prayer seems unfamiliar as I seek to offer worship.

Images rabinddra Vikram da at the addas, Vikram da at the wheels of an Indica, Vikram da with a Havana cigar, Vikram da humming some tune and many others just drift by. He deserved to be. Menu Skip to content.