My seed to grow, helps me keep me head straight, Hey! Mother nature queen of hearts, She provides we receive. I will walk you cross the line, I will guide you through the dark, I will keep your light shinning even after you depart. Too much situations getting too much out of line, All of this comes from the land of Port wine. Puppets on no string, instead we have the barbed wires!

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Rude Bwoy a dem without fear, People without wealth, Easily become the enemy of itself, Striving everyday bezegol tempo put some food on their shelf, Hoping that the problems happen to someone else Because you just got old or because bezeyol got shot.

I don’t know why but sometimes it comes at me, Hey! Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Having to struggle in the last of the CE, Hey!

Understand that was a gift that tfmpo gave to you one day, But time bezegol tempo everything and so like dust we fade away. Rufftime we having down here, Bad time to people living here there’s no doubt.

Nature РBezegol (letra da m̼sica) РCifra Club

Rude bwoy a dem without fear, Against bezegol tempo system, bezegol tempo always ready to shout. Coming by your memory in one second your history, Of all the good things in ya seed and the badness of rotten weed. You run, you run, you run, you run until you stop, Hey! Mal formation, information, feed us, bad fires! Rude bezgeol a dem without fear, Against the system, me always ready to shout!


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Tell me what we gonna do, When there’s no air to breathe. Among the living dead is no place I want to be, Hey! Reggae man but white, Fire in the vein, Smoking up me ganja bezegol tempo to drive you all insane, Oporto City, two thousand and three, Taking out control and we bezegol tempo asking nobody!

No pacts with the Devil because my soul is free, Hey! It’s a serious situation, Youth are packing guns, instead of picking playstations, Ride inna di gang and start to build them foundations, For a life of crime, and full of low expectations.

Mother nature, the One where we grow our seed. Bezegol tempo me what we gonna do, When there’s no food to feed, Tell me what we gonna do, Bezegol tempo there’s no water to drink, Everything has his nature, Better know, start to think. Living me life as tough as can be, Hey! People inna the city try to live it day by day, Workin fi di man, just to get their daily pay. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair.


Missed communication from these nation vampires! Enviada por NunoLegendado por Daniel. This journey’s about to end, But as long as your heart listen Nature’s taking you again. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

I will walk you cross the line, I will guide you through the dark, I will keep your light shinning even after you depart.

What you gonna do, when they point a gun at you, And make ya hit the floor before they pierce you bezegol tempo two. Life inna di ghetto aint no different from your place, It isnt Africa, but we still live a rat race. Coz the time will come and we all te,po pay, Give thanks to years that da mother let you stay. We smoke her weed! Dont like police and police don’t like me, Hey! A bell up in the conscience let me know I cant be late. Puppets on no string, instead we have the barbed wires! Bezegol tempo you ear what I say!?

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