More info For more info on how to post an album discussion thread, please click here. Buddy took issue with how much Fronz was throwing the word “faggot” around when they both did warped in Want to add to the discussion? Live Performances Live videos of your favourite bands. Honestly this isn’t even metalcore but its still a banger imo. Popular Bands The big name bands of the Metalcore genre. This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped to talk shit about Attila.

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Callouh Attila Jack Rogers. Literally no reason at all other than the fact I expected a crazy clap back: This one is funny. No asking for attlia to leaks Breaking this rule may result in a 2 week ban.

After receiving attila callout questions about why certain names popped up, Fronz took to Twitter to reveal all. Attila vocalist Fronz has explained the meaning behind the name drops that appear on the band’s latest attila callout ‘Callout 2’.

And the fact that they actually put that line in there was the cream on the shit sundae. Can’t believe Front is still holding on to that stupid Buddy Neilson feud. Want to add to the discussion?


Attila Get Called Out On New Diss Track ‘Callout 3’

Recently released calllut are to be discussed in its discussion thread When a new album is released, a discussion thread will attila callout made for it in the subreddit. This is like they just set a template down with the word “fuck” written times on it and said “go at it Fronz.

That dude was my idol. I saw a twitter link the other day on here from fronz that listed pretty much all calllout names of who he’s calling out in this video linked in the tweet.

For more information on the blacklist click here. Is this a supposed to be a song? Three six was amazing This bitch sucks Fuck a Harvey Weinstein: Load the next article Become a Redditor attila callout subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Straight publicity my friends. I was drunk in the studio and our producer who is friends with Danny suggested this one. I just think they suck lol.

ATTILA Targets Tim Lambesis, Danny Worsnop, Logan Paul & More In “Callout 2”

I just always wanted to call out the most loud mouthed motherfucker in the entire world and that atyila to be him. Wow, this is Attila callout lmfao. Literally no reason at all other than fuck it why not. It was already bad enough.


Attila’s Fronz Has Explained The Meaning Behind The Lyrics To Their Song ‘Callout 2’

Attila revealed that they are now an independent band last week. If you are submitting a song include the artist and song name in the title. Seriously stop making fucking retarded rappers famous Fuck a pineapple on callouut God Damn pizza: They don’t have the right to call attila callout out.

This has no redeeming qualities lmao. At the very least give them credit for doing their own thing. I need to see it live. Well, now you know. Metalcore comments other discussions calloug.