Today, autobiographies, memoirs and travelogues are some of the most popular kinds of books published in the United States. Angrily, she also decried “infuriatingly stupid analysts-especially those who called themselves Arabists, yet seemed to know next to nothing about the reality of the Islamic world. The recent spate of memoirs and autobiographies involving Muslim captors and their native or non-Muslim victims, a mutant category I call “hostage narratives,” puts a new and fascinating twist on the familiar theme of women’s captivity in the Islamic world. No matter how wonderful a Ph. The more unbearable the suffering, the better the sales; the more sordid or horrific the experience, the greater the potential for commercial success.

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In contrast, memoirs of life in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, depicting the escalating violence, the institutionalization of corruption and the harsh living remplate for women, are rare. Nor do I wish to challenge the accounts of their incarceration, literal or figurative, exact or approximate, prolonged or short, recent or long ago. See, in addition to the books treated in this essay, Azar Arianpour, Tall Walls: They spin engaging and suspenseful yarns, replete with love, betrayal and intrigue, and the extra spice of raids, bombings and executions.

Kathryn Harrison has a point when she writes, template monster 38546 love stories of overcoming hardship; really, the only way to monser on them is to multiply the hero’s woes.

On Women’s Captivity in the Islamic World

As template monster 38546 of an increasingly polarized world, we, the readers, cannot afford to suspend critical judgment and accept as fact deliberate manipulation of lives and histories. They use earlier mknster of Rumi for what can perhaps be called translations of translations. Men in Iranistan,” in her book, About Mena psycho-historical exploration of patriarchy. National Public Radio, September 5, Template monster 38546 particularly transparent illustration of the hostage narrative can be found in Betty Mahmoody’s memoir, Not Without My Daughter.


We need to examine the seductiveness momster political function of Muslim women’s tales of captivity, sustained and supported by official power, recognized by the media, authenticated by hostage narratives.

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The figure of the trapped Muslim woman, which stands at the center of the ongoing national debate on Islam, contrasts sharply with her representation in medieval European literature, where mainly male writers depicted her as a queen or a princess, often larger than life. University of Texas Press, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who traveled to Turkey inrecounts how harem template monster 38546 viewed her attire as a true prison.

Thus was the Taliban movement born; the men’s lost honor was restored, and women were “protected” by being placed under something close to house arrest.

He gathered some 30 jonster men and 16 rifles, killed the rapists and vowed to shelter women. And template monster 38546 no one can accuse the Islamic Republic of intolerance toward its own contradictions, particularly when it comes to the treatment of women.

Thousands of innocent people were killed in those prisons and nobody knows. Captivity, coping with and escaping from it, is also the primary theme of the Western literature class that is the main subject of Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Road Trip to Kentucky’s Otherworldly Caves

In an old narrative frame of captivity recast for the present-day reader, some of these memoirs and autobiographies portray the Muslim woman as a virtual prisoner. They alleviate the anxieties of their time by reflecting them; reaffirm the values of society by meditating on their loss; validate subtle and not so subtle stereotypes and misperceptions.

They are seated away from men in the back of buses, but can be squashed in between template monster 38546 male strangers in overcrowded jitney taxis. Simultaneously, it represented sexual abandon and incarceration.


Captives of the venomous stranger who had once been a loving husband and father? Embellished with a certain charm and allure, the Muslim woman was invoked in order to demonstrate denial of civic freedom.

Back Bay Books,Maria Rosa Menocal equates a “culture of translation” templare a “culture of tolerance. Most importantly, they reel in the unsuspecting reader with a number of rhetorical devices and literary strategies that, in effect, Americanize the stories.

To their delighted surprise, the hostage takers found themselves the object of infinite attention. But these are times, as in Template monster 38546 case, that call upon the artist as citizen, or the citizen in the artist, to carry an even heavier burden in determining what is true and what is false.

Today, template monster 38546, memoirs and travelogues are some of the most popular kinds of books published in the United States. It was on November 4,soon after the Islamic Revolution, when a group of militant students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, and took 52 Americans hostage.

It is also a land of paradoxes, a society in transition. A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be both true and false. Yes, we must also be alert to those who denigrate immigrants and minorities for template monster 38546 religion, their ethnic roots or the oppression that the governments of the countries they’ve left behind have visited on their own people.

Captivity is the central metaphor of Nafisi’s memoir. Selected as a Literary Guild alternate, it was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in This is no longer an image foisted upon women; rather, it is self-perception.