She died seven years later, it was like the song came true. A notification was sent to all customers that the models manufactured between September and June were faulty. Silvana for her was a psychological defense against the real world, the possibility that, at least for the moment, she could actually turn into Silvana Mangano, whose film she never forgot. Retrieved 28 March Ceca i Brena su moje kopije! Toma began singing with her, and later she got him his own record deal and he began recording and touring on his own. But when she had thoughts of pursuing a professional singing career, her father was not supportive.

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They were driving in a Ford Granada car en route from Aleksandrovac to Belgrade after a concert. Silvana hit her head on one when getting up from her chair, which caused huge headache the rest of that day and the next.

SILVANA ARMENULIć – Nocas mi srce pati Lyrics English translation |

Moj ljubimac je bio ostao – Safet Isovic”. She initially refused and did not like the way her body looked in the swimsuit but was forced to do it as the sponsors had paid 13 million dinars.

Retrieved 5 February The two became legends of the former Yugoslavia. In October she was in a car accident that almost claimed her life, and which irresistibly recalls the tragedy that took her life five years later. She died seven years later, it was silvaha the song came true.


There she adopted the stage name Silvana after the Italian actress Silvana Silvanx. After a long time, Vanga finally spoke: After that, she began singing with Aca in the Grand Casino in Belgrade, where she met her future husband Radmilo.

Nocas mi srce pati (English translation)

But I didn’t really know what. In fact, Silvana was not allowed into his home until his death inwhen she returned to Doboj for his armrnulic. It was her song, inspired by her life, and her problems. I’m afraid of life. During this time, she was offered several recording contracts from the incredibly competitive Yugoslav record labels.

What will happen tomorrow. It would have been better if she had never become famous. What do you do? She approached him, woke him up, sat down and started a conversation. She did not speak. Archived from the original on 7 February The opportunity to record as a soloist came armenuli the Zagreb -based record label Jugoton.

Silvana Armenulić

If you really want to be a singer, go. Her career had taken off rapidly and she became one of the biggest commercial folk stars in Yugoslavia. She brought him to her performance, even handing her microphone over to him at one point. Silvana moved to Sarajevo at the age of sixteen inwhere she lived with her aunt and sang in local kafanas for money. After her father’s cake shop closed, the family suffered greatly. Grli m, ljubi nocass [71] Grli me, ljubi me Vrati se, vrati se.


Silvana Armenulić – Wikipedia

She cried and silvana armenulic nocas mi srce pati agreed to appear on the program, but not in the swimsuit and refused to swim in a pool. They married two years later on 26 October and their daughter Gordana was born on 13 January Retrieved from ” https: Radmilo’s mother Nocae [17] disapproved of the marriage as did Silvana’s father Mehmed who even refused to speak to his daughter.

Go and come back in three months. Ceca i Brena su moje kopije! Zilha had a brother named Hajrudin who died about two weeks after being mauled by a dog in the s. Zilha survived a bout with diphtheria as a child shortly after World War II.