Nature of the Chart. Count each separately and expunge all multiples of 8 and keep the remainder. Virgo being an even sign, the 5th Navamsa would belong to Moola or vegetable. The first three chapters cover the first stage in dealing with Prasna. The following extract from my English Translation of Brihat Samhita in preparation will give the reader an idea of what Samhita treats of: Chapter Five deals with determining various factors which are necessary in making predictions. Planetary Positions at Death.

prasna marga

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Then the astrologer reflecting on the problem of the querist should touch the cowries repeating the mantras thrice and at the end ask the boy or girl to place the gold piece in any one of the signs.

In regard to the diurnal muhurthas the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 15th are inauspicious while in nocturnal muhurthas the 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th are inauspicious.

prasna marga

Sanskrit texts Hindu astrological texts books 17th-century Indian books Astrology stubs. Human births are regulated according to the law of Karma and prasma the time of birth is significant.

Prasna Marga Raman B. V. Part 1

Similarly the periods of commencement and termination of prasn amrita or visha-ghatikas are given on the assumption that the duration of a nakshatra is 60 ghatis. The importance of Arudha Lagna in regard to married partner has been stressed. Visible and Invisible Hemispheres.

The trouble, if any, is only physical. If he comes with nothing or with any inauspicious things as broom, etc. Different results are attributed to Trisputas falling in different signs and Navamsas.


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prasna marga

The manner in which the astrologer must next pray and invoke God, Guru and the planets is outlined. Certain omens coinciding with the lord of Mrityusphuta being a particular planet are also taken marta account.

The remaining five are santha. Vasishta and Poulasa are not accurate.

Effects of Prana and Deha At least there will be some signs of Budha on the moment of materialising of the results. Invocation to the Lord. As explained above, the application of the constants, viz. The horoscope by itself reveals the nature of past Pfasna and the Prasna chart acts as some sort of a supplement to the birth chart.

Readers may test these principles and find out for themselves, the usefulness of narga combinations in the modern age. Letters are divided into hard guru and soft laghu ones.

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The following table is self-explanatory. With his help and co operation a margq or tentative translation was made and the matter left there. Sneezing of persons to the right side also is harmful. If he feels his nostrils or earholes, then say there are rat-holes and snake-holes in his gardens.

NOTES According to stanzas 16 to 20, an astrologer has to consider innumerable astronomical 36 factors before pronouncing judgement.


If these are associated with or aspected by evil planets, then thread-wearing Hindus, Stanza Disciplined life, faith in God, a helpful nature and scrupulous adherence to certain types of austerity would enable him to 25 develop his power of intuition considerably and this would be a great asset to anyone who aspired to be a successful astrologer.

prasna marga

There is a slight difference between the definition of the following doshas as given here and as found in some works on Muhurtha. The 8th or last portion has no lord.


There appears to be some confusion as to whether Gulika and Mandi are the same or they are different “planets”. Otherwise the direction where a person stands can be easily noted and arudha Lagna determined. Msrga should say that the period between and was perhaps the most creative part of my life as it was during these years that the greater part of my intellectual productions in the shape of books were made available to the public.

If Saturn stands on the eighth from Arudha, say that he had to prsna food very late or had to face a great danger on Saturday last.