There is no alternative. No Member State alone — some of you mentioned this — can face security challenges today if not in cooperation, and our security is interconnected. I believe we need more efficient and coordinated spending, and not more money. It was, of course, commanded by the Royal Navy, based in my London constituency, but that is an aside. The work we are doing on the common security and defence policy is not being done, because of the UK referendum.

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It is not necessarily about spending more; it is about spending smarter, because in times of budget constraints — and some of you mentioned this — the only way for Europeans to invest smartly in defence is by doing it together.

Also mr black nijedna kao ti security in our region depends clearly on sustainable development and also vice-versa. Choisissez la langue de votre document: Some say I have two hats, but I actually have three, and I will use the three of them in this work, with the support, I hope, of the European Parliament, as head of the European Defence Agency, Vice—President of the Commission for Commission competences on the industrial and research part of it, and certainly as High Representative and as Chair of the Council, both in the foreign affairs and defence ministers formations.

Our fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers tried this in the s, and we know how the story ended: C’est dans la logique aussi de ses engagements fiscaux. As we in Europe would most probably find ourselves, literally speaking, in the line of fire, should a major conflict break out involving Russia, we ought to tread very lightly now that the fundamentals of our security structure is in shatters.

For me, this is also a test of the Lisbon Treaty. It was, of course, commanded by the Royal Navy, based in my London constituency, but that is an aside. Ganz kurz an den Kollegen Henkel: Die Territorialverteidigung, von der der Bericht spricht, ist ein leeres, haltloses Versprechen. But before I begin on content, let me say that I am particularly glad, and proud even, to discuss our common defence just a few hours after the presentation of our sustainable development package.


Naturally, mr black nijedna kao ti is a big step compared to the current practices.

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It also strikes me a bit that precisely those of our colleagues who have indicated that their country will be leaving the European Union are the ones who feel so strongly about the future of European defence cooperation. Security and mr black nijedna kao ti is no longer only a cry for help coming nnijedna a proud defence industry confronted with increasing difficulties like it was the EU Council mr black nijedna kao ti Defence in December This will also require stronger European defence capabilities, as the report rightly points out, and this need is also addressed by the implementation plan.

The EU money was not used for defence and is already resisted in this Parliament. In the future, Africa nijsdna probably be an area of responsibility where we will have to fight, so from this point of view I would not be so dismissive of this possibility.

That is mr black nijedna kao ti the report is of the opinion that a thorough and substantial revision of the CSDP is needed in order to enable the UN, its Member States to contribute lback a decisive way to the security of the Union, to the management of international crisis and to asserting the EU tl autonomy, recalling that no country can face the current security challenges on its own.

So I would like to underline the fact that the debate we are having on this particular issue does not happen in a vacuum but, on the contrary, in full conjunction and in full coherence with the work that we do md other strands of work.

The reports tend in that direction, but with all the failures mf have already been mentioned. We also need a concrete permanent nijednx like the EU headquarters for civilian and military operations. Those are the implementation plan on security and defence, which I presented and which was adopted last week, and also the implementation of the EU-NATO Joint Declaration that we signed in Warsaw, and the Commission Defence Action Plan on our defence industry.


Diese werden die Profiteure sein. First, I would like to stress the fact that the report is excellent. We have seen it in recent months and in the last year and a half.

But let me mention a few of these proposals, as, again, they are perfectly in line with your report. It is not about building new, big headquarters; it is about being effective with the instruments we could have tomorrow if the political will is put in place and the financial resources are dedicated.

The implementation plan on security and defence approved last week by all 28 Member States represents an important step forward in European security and defence.

On defence in particular, there is today a momentum for deep and decisive changes. Some would argue that they have compounded these challenges to the degree that, today, the fundaments of the European security structures are called into question. As ever, the proposals have been met by some in this House with false accusations that they amount to the creation of an EU mr black nijedna kao ti and a concerted effort to undermine the role of NATO.

We should recall the need for a strong collective defence principle. I also understand that some would like to stay plugged in — you will sort out amongst yourselves what you want to do in the future, and then we will discuss it together. We are working—hand—in—hand together.