The prototype convinced Bryan’s colleagues of his idea. Limited Time Sale of Software Products. What is a Performance? Articles with attributed pull quotes Use dmy dates from May Effects – 2 onboard effects. The other drawback is that effects are vital to the overall sound of the Wavestation, but a Multiset cannot have 32 effects. Date Produced –

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Add flair to your music composition with a korg m1 wavestation of timeless, legendary sounds. With the Wavestation it incorporates the entire library of the korg m1 wavestation Wavestation’s samples, wave sequences and presets making the vector synthesis concept more savestation and known to a wider audience.

Rather it digitizes the components used in the original hardware synthesizers and uses this reconstruction of the hardware circuits to emulate all the nuances of the original wavstation. Tone generation is achieved by assigning any of the bit PCM samples and single-cycle waveforms or a wave sequence to an oscillator. The EX waestation more waveforms 4MB including acoustic instruments and drums. New Features Unique to Software. Filter – 1 LowPass filter per voice. Producing the synthesizer voices are Patches, the middle tier in the programming hierarchy.

Korg Wavestation | Vintage Synth Explorer

Although the Korg Wavestation was the first keyboard that used Wave Sequencing, its roots can be traced back to the preceding variations of wavetable-lookup synthesisincluding the multiple-wavetable synthesizers [6] realized as PPG Wave that was produced by Palm Products GmbH in the early 80s, and the vector synthesis realized as Prophet Korg m1 wavestation by Sequential Circuits, Inc.


The Wavestation is known as one of the best synth pad generators, and has been used by many musicians to explore uncommon synthesis textures.

The Wavestation remains korg m1 wavestation of the most evocative, unusual, creatively-designed synths ever Retrieved from ” https: The updated Collection is equipped with new features especially suited to software, such as polyphonic compatibility and a rich, high-quality effects section.

Audio Clip 1 A deep, dark, droney demo of metallic bell sounds by iBot.

This is a new and exciting high-performance synthesizer! Its primary innovation was Wave Sequencinga method of multi-timbral sound generation in which korg m1 wavestation PCM waveform data are played successively, resulting in continuously evolving sounds. Your browser does not support wavestatioh audio element. I’ve listened to a ton of sound samples of the EX and DX, The Korg Wavestation is a vector synthesis synthesizer first produced in the early s and later re-released as a software synthesizer in Multitimbral – 16 parts.

A native version for iOSnamed iWavestation, has also been released.

Korg Wavestation – Wikipedia

Andy here, I’m a complete newbie to the world of Sysex and the Wavestation and I really could do with some assistance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Simply, vector synthesis is dynamic timbre korg m1 wavestation over 2 or more voices oscillators. Featuring a sound produced by authentic simulation of the analog and digital wavestaiton of the legendary KORG synthesizers, the Legacy Collection has remained a best seller to this day.


Images from Perfect Circuit Audio.

Korg Wavestation – haunting and atmospheric soundscape https: Each Bank contains 50 Performances. Programming is not exactly easy but this great digital synth is capable of lush ambient sounds and strange effects.

wavestattion Each oscillator has its own digital filter, amplifier, amp envelope, general purpose envelope, two LFOs, and numerous modulation routings.

KORG Collection is not just standalone software. KORG Collection is now available!

Korg Wavestation

Limited Time Sale of Software Korg m1 wavestation. In a Patch, different wave sequences can be assigned to each of the four oscillators, thus the Wavestation is capable of generating four distinct wave sequences playing simultaneously during a single note.

The Wavestation was designed by a team which included Dave Smithwho designed the Prophet-5 and, along with Rolandhelped to invent the MIDI protocol in the early s. The Wavestation offered voice polyphonyup to four digital oscillators per patch, with a non-resonant low-pass filter and an amplifier block for each oscillator.