FactSage programs and security settings make extensive use of the internal clock and calendar. Setup is now ready to start installing FactSage on Network Server. Dongles and Drivers 6. The list includes the name of each client and computer and the number of days since the client last accessed FactSage. But you may wish to rename it to say ‘FactSage 6. Click on Next to continue.

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After installation the server password will still work and Client PCs will now be able to run FactSage 6.

Messages of the type: Make sure that network drive has factsage 6.4 mapped and assigned a letter to the public folder where FactSage resides. In the case of a Network Server installation this means that no client installation can be running FactSage. This is particularly useful when updating the network installation. When you first run Setup-FactSage64 the Setup factsage 6.4 may take up to a minute to display. But you may wish to rename it to say ‘FactSage 6. It is important that the PC fwctsage lots of free disk space for future updates and that it is reliable.

Dongles and Drivers 6. IT specialists will take short cuts when installing new software.


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In order to activate a Standalone version of FactSage, a dongle also known as factsage 6.4 hardware lock or security key must be inserted into a USB port of the PC. The following information may be helpful. Network access is reactivated by simply running FactSage on the server. New installation or update? The following options are available: Click on Cancel any time to pause or stop Setup. Network Server – the complete FactSage package will be installed on the PC in a public folder that is ‘share read-only’ to other PCs on the network.

Running If FactSage is currently running then you will see this message. Ready to Install Setup is now ready to begin installing FactSage on your computer. User Account Factsage 6.4 FactSage 6. Equilib factsage 6.4 scanning the databases, these operations are solely carried out on the Client PC – there are no dactsage operations factsge performed on the server folder. Installing Please wait while Setup installs FactSage on your computer.

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We strongly recommend you use the sub-folder name FactSage – for example: Click on HELP to display this file you are currently viewing. Click on Next to continue. Most problems with installing and running FactSage are often associated with the following topics: You must select one of: This will load and run Setup-FactSage Setup may pause for several minutes during the installation especially fqctsage the Factsage 6.4 setup program is stored on a memory stick plugged into a USB port. It may be necessary to temporarily disable the network access to FactSage factsge order to close all FactSage Client applications.


Setup may pause for several minutes during the installation especially if the Setup program is stored on a factsage 6.4 stick. When FactSage is installed for the first time on a computer that runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you must have full administrator privileges. Simply ignore the message. With Windows XP factsage 6.4 to install Drivers 4. The Installation Process is identical for the 3 types of installation 2.

Dongles and Drivers If you are not be able to access FactSage and its folder, or see error messages such as Run-time error ’75’: This operation may take several minutes!