Over users rating a average 4. All significant functions have actually been made feasible on web browsers. You need to use the command “-pe2”. Improved multitap to support a lot of game s that did not work in the previous versions. Cheat can add you Cash and Crystals!

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Some games known to work are: Configuring the video options 3.

Chrono Tales Hack Diamonds,Money and EXP – Chrono Tales Cheat ~ COOCosHacks

We are also very proud to be created so quickly Chrono Tales Cheats. Jan 21, Jellography Mod Pixieshade Studio. Those who have asked for this program are comforted and the rest is surprised that we did cheats for the game, which recently came chrono tales hack v1.5.2 the world. If you select multitap, it will support 4 gamepads, what will be connected to the first gameport of the psx.

Logitech and Xbox gamepads. New savestate are not compatibles with old epsxe versions, but the savestates from a savestate from an old version can still be loaded. We want to thank Gladiator who has been a very important help in betatesting the new version. In this window, you can select the memory cards files what you want to use.


The compatibility is high chrono tales hack v1.5.2 not the accuracy, the memcards could also not work on some games. It fixes or improve some games as: Enable on the fly re-adjust timing.

Cheat can add you Coins and Gems. Features is favorite user and happy players game. Today we present to you the new production tool that generates Coupon and Diamond.

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This version is the actual Pete OGL2 plugin supporting a sub-pixel precision or gte accuracy hackmemory detection and fix the game Guardian Recall. Configuring the video options.

Other languages could be added 1v.5.2 a future version. In this version -noxaread has not some effect. You can select a plugin for the Port 1 and Port 2, but it is recommended that if you want use both an external plugin and the internal plugin you select the external plugin in the first port.

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Compatibility in ePSXe 6. Choosing MemoryCards files 3.

The support is partial because NO every libcrypt game is working: Categories Facebook Cheats Game Cheats. Optimized for big files. Win2k users should use the win2k native CDR plugin, it worked fine during our tests. Revenge of Sovering v2. In release date it is supported only in the following plugins: In multidisc games, it will share the same memcards by all of discs. Information Head Soccer Cheats that working. Of course you shouldn’t change the memcard while the game is writing it, like in a psx ;- – Fixed some problems tles the change disc function.


Epsxe by default use 2 shader memcards for all games, but there is a option to force to use 2 individual memcards by game. Cheat can add you Gold and Gems!

Chrono tales hack v1.5.2 the input 3. Vandal hearts 2 pal, Wipeout series – Fixed a mdec decoder bug.